Bose SpeakerSound System Hire
for Speeches, Ceremonies & Events

We have a very easy to use, compact Bose sound system for hire which you can connect to your iPod/iPhone/MP3 player/computer. We can also supply a microphone so that you can use it for speeches.

The sound system (pictured to the side) uses Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology to deliver sound evenly throughout the audience. A mixer and amplifier are built into the base of the system so that you can easily control the volume. The system takes less than one minute to set-up and would not look out of place in even the most salubrious of venues. Its discreet design means that it can blend into the background and doesn’t take up as much space as a conventional sound system. And as it’s Bose you know the sound quality is going to be crystal clear.

Below are some examples of what it has recently been used for –

• in a church to play the wedding ceremony music
• outside (subject to weather conditions) to play background music in the gardens of a wedding venue
• in a marquee for background music during the wedding breakfast
• for speeches in the gardens of a wedding venue
• for speeches in a marquee
• by a duo for vocals/acoustic guitar amplification
• as the main sound system for a disco at a garden party
• to play music at a house party

The uses for the sound system are endless; don’t be put off by its small size, the sound system is more than capable of filling a large room with sound and you really have to hear it to believe it.

Please contact us for a price to hire the sound system for your event.


Thank you so much for all your hard work last night! You did a wonderful job of keeping everyone entertained